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Watch of the day (WOTD)

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Zinvo, Blade Automatic, in Gunmetal.  Paired with a custom-designed, Time Saver, leather bracelet, designed by Averitas.
Zinvo, Blade Automatic - Gunmetal

What could be worse than hump day at work? How about the first day, back from vacation, on a Wednesday hump day, sheesh. That's my pain today, but that pain is eased a bit, by strapping on the Zinvo, Blade Automatic, in Gunmetal.

The Blade is definitely a unique timepiece, that doesn't get nearly the love, and turns within my wearing rotation that it deserves. It's like a pleasant rediscovery, every time I get the opportunity to wear this timepiece.

This timepiece sports an aggressive look, featuring an etched turbine-look to the chapter ring, and flared lugs. But the functional, blade-wheel second hand, is the absolute star, and talking point of this timepiece. This watch won't be everyone's cup of tea, especially as a daily wearer. But is a refreshing change-up from the usual standard.

I've paired the Blade timepiece today, with a leather bracelet, designed by Averitas. The leather bracelet offers a different look, from my beaded and rope selections, but compliments the high-quality, leather strap, of the Zinvo Blade timepiece, with perfection!


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