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Szanto, Danny Sullivan "Icon Series", Racing Chronograph Mod

Getting my Monday off to a fast start, with the Szanto, Danny Sullivan "Icon Series", Racing Chronograph Mod. As a mod, I love this timepiece because the vision I had in my brain, was literally bought to life perfectly. My goal, to achieve a racing chronograph look, with a slightly different personality and take, from the usual sport / racing chronographs on the market.

The modder was able to bring my vision to life, by creating a dial which featured unconventional racing stripes, something that more replicates the racing stripe graphics on a race car hood; and then there's the vibrant, Gulf Racing inspired colors!

With the Gulf Racing colors covered on the dial, it was an absolute must to find a strap that would match its personality, style, and pace. The solution, the addition of a color-matched, non-round, 3-hole racing strap, from Straton Watch Co; the personification of a racing chronograph look!

The racing colors continue with the choice of accessory, adding a marine-grade, rope bracelet, designed by Roplet UK, placing my Wrist-Game today, squarely in the fast lane!

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