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Oris, Aquis, Great Barrier Reef, Limited Edition II

No doubt, most everyone is in the midst of some form of post-Turkey Day hangover. And helping me through mine, is the Oris, Aquis - Great Barrier Reef, Limited Edition II. This Oris timepiece has everything I love in a watch; wrist presence, colors, and uniqueness.

I'm good with watch case diameters from 40mm, on up to 50mm, with 43mm to 46mm being my current sweet spot. That being said, I love the 46mm footprint that the Oris brings with it. The deep Blue dial, highlighted by yellow accents on the bezel, chapter ring, date / day window, and second hand, gives me the splash and POP of color that I like. Speaking of the day / date display, as you can see, it has a rather unconventional set-up, and that's right up my alley as well; definitely no cookie cutter Submariner with this timepiece.

Adding more blue and yellow wrist accents, with the inclusion of an Eagle Ray, rope bracelet, designed by Dorsal Bracelet Company. Not only is my Wrist-Game extra tight with this combination, but so is my environmental conservation game. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of each Oris GBR timepiece, aids conservation and sustainability efforts to protect the Australian Coral Reef system. And with the sale of each Dorsal Bracelet Company accessory, 1 lb. of trash is removed from the beaches and oceans; Look good, do good!


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