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Watches, staying relevant In The Age Of Tech

With the many watch forums I frequent, and contribute posts to, I continue to be amazed at how vast and far-reaching the watch community is. And the community continues to grow, despite this modern age of super-advanced, need it now, information dissemination. Additionally, the micro-brand sect continues to flourish, with new watch designs and brands being released at a feverish clip. And the plethora of options available to purchase or acquire timepieces is seemingly endless.

This is refreshing, especially given that mechanical, and mechanical automatic timepieces have not only managed to survive the quartz-age that threatened to send mechanical timepieces by way of the Dinosaurs back in the 1970's, but also the continued explosion, and popularity of the smartphone market, within the last decade; it's a great time to be a watch fan!

While smartphones satiate our need to stay connected, and can handle the precise, technical measurements of any tool watch, for the initiated, there remains a special allure of a timepiece. For me personally, a watch is an extension of your style, can speak volumes about your fashion sense, and be the perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe; no smartphone can do that. Watches, outside of possibly cars, make the best conversation pieces; especially when the look on the wrist, has a presence that can't be denied.

So wrist-worshippers rejoice, continue to revel in all that is great about timepieces, while mounting your personal campaign and revolt, to the full takeover of the technology age!

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