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What is Affordable?

Timepieces North of $300 Need Not Apply!

Affordability, or more precisely what is considered to be affordable has been an age old topic of discussion throughout watch forums as long as I've been surfing and posting discussion topics and pictures in them. The affordability question relates to watch brands, and / or price points that are considered available to the masses. I've seen posters admonished and ridiculed by other forum members because the original poster posted, for example a Rolex, in an "affordable" themed forum. Let me first say, my collection is a combination of affordable and what would be considered luxury timepieces. That being said, I typically won't post timepieces that I have acquired at a price point above $1,000 USD in an "affordable" themed watch forum. This is my personal preference, and I certainly don't hold anything against, or judge anyone that does. As a matter of fact, I rather enjoy seeing the higher-end timepieces sprinkled within the daily watch of the day forum postings, first just for sake of variety. A thread containing a hundred Seikos, Orients, or the like can become a bit mundane. Second, affordability in reality is based on a person's disposable income. As forum members, we are not privy to the financial health of the next forum member, or the means by which they acquired the timepiece, especially given the array of secondary and gray market purchase options available to potential buyers. If you bought it, my assumption is the purchase is within your means; why should I think anything contrary? In the end, If you can make a watch purchase, without it impacting the way you conduct your daily life, pay your bills, or feed your family, guess what, you can afford it. Have fun with the hobby and don't take things too seriously. There are more pressing matters in the world than the cost of a watch, JMHO.



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