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What's In A Name?

I'm sure I'm not living on my own island with this teeny watch industry beef, but it seems as if the imagination of brand and model naming has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Worst yet, the brand or model name can be such a turn-off to me, that sometimes I immediately tune-out the important aspects and specifications of the timepiece.

Perhaps the lack of naming imagination speaks to the current over-saturation of brands within the watch market. The plethora of established brands and watch models not withstanding, there seems to be newly formed crowdfunded brands, or mushroom (pop-up) brands co-opted through one of the large monthly subscription services, that surfaces twice a day.

The marketing game is one of the oldest games in town. And I'm sure the majority of brands methodically and meticulously pour over the aesthetics and mechanics of a timepiece, leaving no stone uncovered (or at least what is within the realm of their design budget). I just wish some brands would place the same amount of attention and emphasis on the brand name and model names themselves.



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