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when wrist accessories attack!

Swirls / scratches on the crown guard of my Luminor Regatta.

When accessorizing your wrist-wear, one should be mindful of the combination of stones and materials that may come together when on your wrist. Obtaining that killer look on the wrist can have dire consequences.

While many beads or bracelet stones are manufactured with smooth, machine finished surfaces, many other bracelets are made with natural stone materials like pumice or lava. Additionally, the ornate sculpting of bead spacers, can leave these spacers with rough surfaces or edges that are just dying to place a scratch or swirl on your polished timepiece. Obviously, brushed surfaces can hold up to the rigors of the natural stones, much better than polished.

In the case of my Luminor, the scratches were caused by the bracelet spacers continuously rubbing-up against the crown guard, a high-polished surface, and only after a couple hours of wear; so lesson learned.

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