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Winfield Watch MT2 Review; An Updated Take On The Classic Field Watch

A few weeks ago, I was basking in my accomplishment and joy, of hunting down a hard to find timepiece, one that I had been searching for the greater part of the last two years. This timepiece, was to complete my sub-collection of Maryland Microbrands, so I thought, desiring to own at least one model, from each of the Maryland-based Microbrand watch companies.

Soon after posting my group photo of Maryland Micros to a forum, I received a response to my post from Mark Miller, indicating that I had "missed" one. Mark should know, because the brand he founded, Winfield Watch Company, is based out of LaPlata, MD. So, it became an immediate realization, that my collecting quest to complete the "Maryland Renaissance", was not quite finished.

Winfield Watch Company is a relatively new brand, having been created in 2019. There seem to be new Microbrand watch companies popping-up daily, and for Winfield, as with any new brand, the challenge is to develop and design a watch concept, that breaks-away from the cookie-cutter, mundane, and let's face it, safe designs, cranked-out by many new brands. Mark Miller is a self-professed global adventurer, with a no-holds-barred love of the outdoors. Mark draws inspiration from his years in the Military, and approaches the design-build concepts of each Winfield Watch, with specifications sure to handle any adventure thrown at it. Before making my purchase, it was very cool to see the Winfield watches in action on the website, literally, by brand ambassadors shown pushing their physical limits, during their work and / or leisure activities, with a Winfield Watch firmly planted on their wrists. While I don't anticipate any rock climbing adventures for me in the near future, a no-nonsense field watch is a necessity to complete any watch collection.

Winfield Watch Company currently offers two watch models, both from their Mission Timer Collection, the MT1 and MT2. The MT1 was the first watch model offered at brand launch, and was conceptualized as a modern interpretation of the classic Pilot Watch, featuring a Type A, Flieger dial. For the MT2, the latest model offering, Winfeld stuck with the Mil-Spec theme, but this time, opting to tackle the Field Watch genre with an updated look. So how does the MT2 measure-up to the field? Here's my take.

With presentation, less can be more. The trend lately, is for brands to minimize the presentation and packaging, and put more funds toward enhancing build components of a timepiece (hopefully). That being said, Winfield Watch opted to utilize a canvas watch roll, in Military Green, which replicates the material of a Military issue rucksack or dufflebag. The great thing about using a watch roll as a packaging presentation, it also pulls double-duty as a travel case, with the ability to hold and protect a total of 4 of your other fine timepieces. The leather tie-strap, and leather-stitched Winfield Watch Company logo, are nice finishing touches to this durably constructed watch roll.

Packaging and presentation on the MT2 gets two thumbs-up!. Each Mission Timer 2 comes with a waterproof, Black leather strap, and your choice of NATO strap colors, Gray, Khaki, Military Green, and a combo strap of Gray, trimmed with Khaki, to choose as your alternate strap. I chose the two-tone NATO as my strap option, because I thought it offered the perfect complement to the colors represented on the bezel and dial of the MT2. The Black leather strap, as the MT2 ships, is shown below. All strap options include a signed buckle, with the Winfield Watch name prominently displayed.

The MT2 was designed to be an updated interpretation of the classic Military Field Watch. One of the most important features of any Mil-Spec timepiece, outside of the technical specs and tolerances, is dial presentation and clarity; especially in the genre of Pilot and Field Watches. The multi-layered dial, and contrast of colors between the dial, chapter ring, and bezel, affords optimal dial clarity and presentation, with timekeeping features of the MT2 easily read at a glance. The dial cleverly presents the seconds, standard hours, and military hours, all easily discerned in an ultra-clean, uncluttered display of time-telling.

The varying color contrasts help with the pop of visuals on the MT2. Something as simple as utilizing a Sand color for the indices on the bezel, accentuates the White index markers on the inner dial. All of these contrasts further enhanced by the bead-blasted case. Simply put, the MT2 simply explodes on the wrist!

What's a dial presentation, if it can't be seen when tactical operations, or some of your most covert operations take place, the cover of night? Lume junkies will be pleased to know that the MT2 utilizes generous layers of C3 Superluminova, so nighttime viewing is never an issue with this timepiece. The picture below gives you an idea of the lume properties on the MT2, taken indoors, in the afternoon.

So yeah, the MT2 is a great looking timepiece, but does it have the technical specifications to truly be the adventurers timepiece? Below, are the specifications of the MT2, as listed on the Winfield Watch Company website:


Case - Heat treated 316L SS bead-blasted finish

Crown - Double gasket screw down

Bezel - 120 click uni‐directional count down timer

Crystal - Domed sapphire with double AR coating

Dial - Bead blasted brass dial with dark charcoal PVD coating

Lume - Extra heavy C3

Water resistance – 200m / 660 feet

Movement - Ronda 715Li with a 10 year battery life

Magnetic resistance 18.8Oe

Anti Shock NIHS 91‐10 compliant


  • 41mm diameter

  • 48.5mm lug to lug

  • 13mm thick with domed crystal

  • 20mm lug width

You can see from the above photo, the lugs on the MT2 don't have a dramatic curvature, so the MT2 is going to sit fairly flat on the wrist. Utilizing the NATO, the straight lugs are less of an issue, than it might be for some "wristically" challenged individuals using the leather strap. However, with a 41mm case diameter, the MT2 should be universally wearable by a large number of watch collectors.

As a tactical / sport watch, given the build components and engineering put into this timepiece, the MT2 is solid. If a Mil-Spec timepiece can be both rugged and stylish, the MT2 pulls this off effortlessly as well, and is proof that tool watches, especially Field Watches, don't have to be plain or boring. Winfield Watch has packed plenty of personality into the MT2; as a visual stunner, the MT2 serves pretty well as a tool watch. The MT2 is available from Winfield Watch Company for $399 USD. Some may find the cost a bit prohibitive for a quartz timepiece, but keep in mind, the build materials, quality, and engineering of the MT2, aren't what you will find in your normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill quartz beater with 100 meters of water resistance. Does the Winfield Watch Company MT2 live up to its billing as the modern Field Watch, built for adventure? Sir, Yes Sir! Please visit for more details on this timepiece.


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