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Wrist-game to Swag-Game

While I consider my watch style sense acumen pretty high, giving the fact I've been seriously collecting timepieces for nearly 30 years, as my Wife would be quick to attest, my clothing style sense has lagged woefully behind. As a matter of fact, my clothing style sense would probably be the antithesis of my watch style.

Not that I've been one to hop on the latest trends, even in the watch collecting world, I would consider my watch collection style unique to me, but my clothing style, while definitely my own, is about as interesting as a bologna and cheese sandwich; nothing exciting, but it'll get you by, LOL. Once again, my Wife being the voice of reason would often ask, in a truly perplexed voice, you'll spend hundreds or thousands on a watch, but won't spend any money on shoes or clothing; ouch, the truth hurts!

That was a serious reality check for me, and you know, as with most things, the Wives are usually correct. Outside of the one-off splurge purchase here and there, on a desired pair of shoes or coat, I would rarely go out of my way to shop for clothes. Most of the time, the only time I would go clothes shopping, would be at the prompting from my Wife or Daughter by way of a gift card for my Birthday or Christmas.

So I finally took the hint, and figured that I would try and make the conscious effort to up my clothing style-game. Not necessarily to pace my Wrist-Game, but at least go with a different look, other than my usual, casual weekend Dad look, which was my standard, go-to look.

So, where to start? Being stylistically challenged, I had no legitimate thoughts of pulling together specific looks on my own, right out of the gate. So I figured I'd take a little of the guess work out, and try a monthly clothing stylist service. There are a few styling services out in the market, offering varying monthly price points to utilize their services. I decided to go with the Stitch Fix service, mainly because I was being inundated with their advertising throughout social media, so kudos to their ad team. I've received a few of their "fixes" since joining a little over a month ago, which I currently have scheduled to arrive every 3 weeks. After my next fix, which is due to arrive around December 20th (they always arrive a few days later), I'll do a recap and review of the service. If nothing else, much like the watch subscription service I tried a year or so ago, I will get a broader sense of what clothing styles appeal to me, suit my body type best, or are absolute no go's. So stay tuned as I take you on my personal journey to up the ante on my clothing style-game!


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